Russian "Communism"

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At 8:53 AM 12/23/95, Scott Marshall wrote:

>What is very interesting about this is that this is what took the place of
>Radio Free Europes 'briefings' on Russia about a year ago. Hmmm.... And
>what's also so interesting is their floundering around trying to find *any*
>explanation for the vote of the CPRF *but* that people might be disgusted
>with capitalism and would like to see a return to socialism. In this some on
>the left and the capitalists have a lot in common.

The *vote* for the Commies is one thing, and what they will actually do is

I talked to a lot of US CPers and fellow travelers in the mid- and
late-1980s who couldn't believe that the USSR was turning capitalist
either. We shall see....



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