Stalinism And Standards of Intellectual Discourse

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Fri Dec 22 08:17:11 MST 1995

Marshall, this is your lucky day.  My supervisor's not around so I can 
spend a little time on the Stalinist/Academic (er, marxism list).
See responses below.

On Thu, 21 Dec 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

> Jeff Booth:
> >	This is a really good observation and something else follows from 
> >it:  every CP member I've ever known has been a shameless ass-kisser of 
> >the trade union bureacracy.  They also routinely hide their politics and 
> >are, in effect, indistinguishable from liberals and trade union 
> >bureacrats.  
> Scott:
> This just proves that you haven't been around the trade union movement very
> long. We sure didn't see you in the mighty rank and file struggles of the
> 1980's when we were leading large formations in steel, auto, machinists. And
> you can't be very familar with the current struggles, say in the teachers
> union in NY.
	Gee.  I haven't been around the trade union movement very long?  
You are a putz.  I grew up in and around Schenectady, NY.  Most of my 
family worked at G.E. and was in the UE and later the IUE.  My 
grandfather was poisoned to death in a G.E. factory.  I was in the BCTWU 
for five years at two different plants in Albany and Schenectady.  I was 
also a shop steward and Executive board member of UE local 262 in 
Boston.  I was also an organizer for a small union that organized 
security guards.  I've been in AFSCME for the last eight years:  I helped 
organize the union here where I work and I've been elected twice as a 
Union Representative as an open socialist and I also just got through 
running for President of our 3600 member local and got 20% of the vote 
(despite red-baiting and scare tactics by the local leadership which, 
BTW, is supported by the one or two CP Droids in our local).  I'm also 
currently an elected steering committee member and elected officer of the 
Boston LPA chapter.  
	So, you can shove your Unioner-than-thou-bullshit!
BTW, what's the average age of the workers in your plant?  You gonna tell 
young people who have no hope of getting a union factory job that you 
know it all when it comes to unions? 

> You should come here to Chicago and talk to the district director in steel
> about me and my friends. Now things have changed and the standard ultra-left
> rant and mantra about labor leaders is silly. The main enemy is the bosses
> not the labor leaders. 

	I've been to Chicago and heard all about the CP there.  In fact, 
one of our recent recruits to Labor Militant came from a leadership 
position in your sect in Illinois.  You got nothing to brag about.  
	Of course the main enemy is the bosses but what should we do with 
collaborators like Lane Kirkland?  Ignore them?  Workers have a right to 
control our own unions and to set union policies and not have them dictated 
to us by Suits masquerading as Labor leaders!

We should organize to defeat those who stand in the
> way of class struggle trade unionism, but not as a thing in itself. If must
> be part of the fight against the boss and the capitalist system. I see far
> too many lazy leftist who would rather attack the easy target of union
> leaders, while never putting anything but their lip into the fight against
> the corporations.
> I don't know a thing about your practice Jeff, so I won't characterize it,
> but I will say that you know very little about our work in the unions based
> on the above. BTW Jeff, I've been an open Communist in the shop most of my
> union life. I've also been fired by the bosses for my political beliefs in
> about three instances that I could prove - so stuff you 'hide your politics'
> crack. There have been times when people couldn't feed their families
> because of their political beliefs - you better believe that makes people
> cautious. But i've noticed that a lot of loud mouths that only went around
> blasting the union leadership neer got fired for their politics......hmmm...

	Management where I work has openly told the Union leaders in my 
local that they hate our (Labor Militant's) guts.  We once led a group of 
eighty workers into a Personnel office with a list of demands regarding 
low pay.  We haven't been fired yet because management know they'll be 
hell to pay from us if they try.
	Do you always go around so arrogant and ignorant, trashing people 
you don't know?  I wish I was in your local.  I would politically knock you 
off that high horse of yours. 

				-- Jeff Booth

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