Bean, Bauer, etc., right-wing ties?

Christopher Gunn 1k1mgm at
Sat Dec 16 14:48:44 MST 1995

As long as I'm inflicting questions on the list, I may as well go for a
hat trick....

I seem to remember reading (on this list?) a few months ago about
explicit, far-right connections maintained by one of those outdoorsy,
chest-thumper clothing retailers:  L. L. Bean, Eddie Bauer, Herters, etc.
Does this ring bells with anybody?

My interest has to do with the recent incident on the East Coast where
friendly Eddie Bauer rent-a-cops ripped the shirt off a black kid when
he couldn't produce a receipt, and the company subsequently defended
the action (until the multi-million dollar lawsuit got filed, at which point
they got real apologetic...), as well as a few petty local incidents that
have got my attention.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Kit Gunn, Univ. of Kansas

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