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Sat Dec 16 01:26:16 MST 1995

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Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 09:36:13 +0100
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From: aleger at (Alain Leger)
Subject: Re: Hooray! - Re: French strikers: 'No retreat, no surrender'

You (Brad) wrote about strikes in France :

> The workers of France fight for all of us! Their struggle is our own! (...)
> I LOVE it when the bourgeois suffers!!!

and you (Scott) wrote :

> (...) Hall hailed the struggle of French workers and called for a resolution
> of solidarity with the heroic French strikers.

I have not a lot of time to write (it's time for me to go to demonstration
across Paris of today: Saturday) and my practice of english is too bad, but
I want to say you:

Thank you very much for your internationalism: it is very important for us
to receive such messages, because we have to fight against hopeless
''information'' of all televisions and papers calling for a return to work.
Fortunately, hope resists and future is open !


Alain Leger

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