Foundations of Leninism - prize!

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Fri Dec 15 00:25:51 MST 1995

On Wed, 13 Dec 1995 ROSSERJB at wrote:

> To Chris:
>      I am rather curious that there has been so little
> reaction to my judgment that Stalin about had Lenin right.
> Any reason for that?  Maybe nobody has a copy of FOL and so
> hesitates to comment?  Or did my message actually make it
> to the list?  I got it, but maybe nobody else did.
>      Happy winter solstice, everybody.  I'll go offnet in
> two days for over a week, so Louis can get away with all kinds
> of baloney without my catching him out (now, behave yourself,
> Uncle L. !).
> Barkley Rosser


I, and perhaps most others on this list, didn't rise to the bait because 
I am weary  unto death of 
all this liberterian shit.  I get it every day here in Brisbane from my 
anarchists colleagues.  Advancing deafness has come to my aid in the 
local instance.  In your case when I saw your lament for Kerensky I 
consigned you to the dustbin of history.

Have a good break and all that.



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