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Tue Dec 12 04:59:21 MST 1995

 Adam is getting nervous now that the real problems arise


>> (Mauro)It's really hard, though not impossible, to "win", that is to stop the
>> attack to the pensions.
>Total stupidity from here on.
>> (Mauro)This will probably imply some new economical
>> "measure" by the state which is searching for money from the workers
>> pockets. Surely, our class is not able to cut the profits - which are
>> already cutted by the crisis - without the revolution.

>(Adam:)Absolute ridiculous total total stupdity at this point.

Mauro Jr:
Funny! Who's stupid? Who thinks the workers can stop the capitalim's
measures against its own crisis! You have just to wait for some days; then
we'll come back.
Afterwards (always saying I'm stupid) Adam says what I said, but in the
usual opportunistic manner. Look:

>Well I hope there aren't too many people like Mauro in France.
>Revolutionaries need to be advocating practical and political
>measures to take the movement forward. Primarily, they need to try
>to find concrete ways to get control of the movement out of the
>hands of the trade union bureaucracy.

 Mauro jr: This means nothing. "Practical and political measures to take the
movement forward". Well, Adam, try to advocate such practical and political
measures: I haven't read them yet. 
May I suggest one? Expose the unions role and call the workers to organize
their own assemblies as the only "legitimate" organ for the bargainings.
This has worked in history; no other line else has been able to get the
control of movement out of the hands of unions. And this would be a real
step forward of the class movement, for French workers and for the class as
a whole.
You got reason. There are not many people like me in France (some more are
in Italy, but the point is not here). And this is the proof of the
unbalanced class relation. We couldn't expect a different situation, after
the tragic defeat of the working class during the 20s, an imperialistic
mystified war, the reconstruction of capitalist economies by the proletariat
led by stalinists and then the collapse of stalinism. The reformism (normal
or radical as the your one) is dominant inside the working class and its
pretended vanguards, bucause it is the superstructural expression of the
counter revolutionary course, still lasting.

Adam: >At the same time, they need to show that it is the system as a whole 
>that is the problem, and the only long term solution to its crisis 
>is revolution.
Mauro jr: Yeah, exactly. But for to bound concretely the day to day
struggles in which revolutionaries are at the forefront to the "long term
solution" they must be clear on the concrete situation, because is exactly
in that one that they find the ground, the matters for such an indication.

This should be obvious.

Revolutionary greetings without hope
Mauro Junior
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