abolish welfare?

Mike Dean hs066 at cleveland.freenet.edu
Mon Dec 11 17:03:45 MST 1995

Wow, that is the first time I wrote the adress to this list from memory.

greetings, here is why I think workers should abolish welfare and demand their
employers, as a class, pay them directly.
     Workers have always been fighting the dangerous nature of capitalism.
Poverty, hunger, stress, and injury were, are, and always will be rooted in 
the capitalist workplace.  Prior to 1935 (in the U.S.) workers had been fighting
for releif from all the latter symptoms of capitalism.  1935 can be regarded as
both a victory and a defeat for the U.S. workers, that was the year that a bill was passed that would (kind of) take care of these problems.  The government was
to pay for various forms of welfare.  The money to pay for these programs was
to come from taxpayers.  The majority of taxpayers were, and are, members of the 
working class.  Thus, the working class pays for the majority of it's welfare.
This kind of defeats the purpose of the bitter struggles fought throughout the
U.S.labor movement.  I mean, if your arm gets sawed off at the mills or if you
find yourself no longer a useful commodity you get money from the governmen,
big deal, you paid for it.  This is not what the movement has fought for.  
At least the ruling class recognizing that the working class needs compinsation
for injury or unemployment is a start, we did get them to let us have our 
welfare programs in their government, so that's  a start.  But I cannot
stress enough that we need to demand that those who control our financial future, the ruling class, should pay for what we demand.  We must not let them raise 
prices, lower wages, or fire workers either, we must demand an end to this 
coverup of who is paying for who.  And if our demands are to much, ifwe drive
the capitalist economy into the gutter, good!  That is the whole point of labor
activity.  A good life for the workers naturaly means chaos for the capitalists.
blah, blah, blah.........
Oh well,
   Mike Dean

--Mike Dean
hs066 at cleveland.freenet.edu

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