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Adam Rose adam at
Mon Dec 11 06:12:54 MST 1995

> Joda, didn't expect to find you here.  (That's the kid that Adam was
> talking about, defending the "war on drugs".)  I thought you had a
> lot of nerve throwing your private darts at me, you thoughtless
> kneejerker, but I gave back a serious, well-thought out, personal,
> lengthy, persuasive post, full of reasonable argument and invitation
> to dialog on an important issue that you supposedly cared about.  And
> what do I get back?  Zip. Nada. Nothing.  Not even a "f-off you
> bloody drug-sucking cow."

Is this Trygve you're talking about ?
If so, this is well over the top !

It's nearly Christmas ! He may not even be at college !
And did you make sure you cc'ed him ? I don't belive he subscribes
to the list - and that's why the messages are private.

Maybe he's gone to France ( every self respecting student in Europe 
ought to be at least thinking about it ).

I regret raising the issue on this list if this is what happens.


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