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First off, I'd like to thank a reader (sorry for forgetting your name!) for
informing me that "How the Gingrinch Stole Congress" appeared in The Nation
on December 26, 1994, authored by Lenore Skenazy, a features writer for the
New York Daily News.  If anyone missed it, I'm going to add it to the web

Last week I posted an Action Alert related to the plight of the American
Indian (especially those living on the Navajo Reservation).  I'd like to
thank Paul Watson of Dallas for sharing the following thoughts.  If anyone
would like to share any other information, I'd be happy to hear your

Mike Corso
CNI Telecom

From:  Paul Watson

If you read the Government spending book from A to Z by Martin Gross you
will see that we spend something like $20,000 for every American Indian
in the country. Most of it is lost in the Federal Department of Indian
affairs that has been the worst department for graft from the days of
President Grant. If we eliminated the department and gave each Indian a
check each year and let their tribes administer their own affairs they
would be far better off.
Paul Watson, pwatson at  Purchasing Department  "DISCLAIMER"
The University of Texas at Dallas  ph# 214/883-2307, fax# 214/883-2348

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