who's government?

C N Marley fe99 at dial.pipex.com
Sat Dec 9 12:10:51 MST 1995

Mike Dean writes on Sat 9 Dec 

  Ayn Rand fails to realize that without a government
> giving 
> "care" to the masses workers will revolt and demand their fair
> share.  I see
> the capitalist welfare system as a sick doctor who only gives his
> patent 
> enough medicen to survive, but not enough to be cured.  So this is
> why I say
> that we, as socialists, must urge people to give up welfare,
> medicade, social
> security etc. and sstop paying taxes.  In short-no more government. 
> Well, only
> private industries.  Anyway, after this false sense of security,
> government, is
> done away with will class consciencous be acheived---Revolution!

I believe the above is a dangerous approach. A one line reply would be 
that Mike ends up sounding exactly like the rulers he wants to get rid 
off. Destitution will not necessarily bring about the socialist 
revolution. It may bring about the destruction of humanity. Witness 
Germany in the Weimar years. The end result was not the revolution that 
Mike means.

Rather, destitution will bring up "all the old crap". It is not that the 
road to revolution will be via ever increasing wealth and the welfare 
state. This would be reformist. And, indeed, the welfare state may 
create illusions amongst the working class. But without defending the 
gains made historically, we will never be able to move forward to 
conquering new ones.


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