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Fri Dec 8 17:31:09 MST 1995

Shawgi Tell:

> Now wasn't Trotsky an outstanding adventurist, the kind of errand-boy 
> and catch-word hero the bourgeoisie luv?  Lenin said that Trotsky never had:
> 	any 'physiognomy' at all; the only thing he does have
> 	is a habit of changing sides, of skipping from the
> 	liberals to the Marxists and back again, of mouthing
> 	scraps of catchwords and bombastic parrot phrases.
> 	(Lenin, Coll. Works, Vol. 20, p. 160).
> These are the true characteristics of a petty-bourgeois: vacillation and 
> ideological incoherence.
Louis: Actually, the true character of a petty-bourgeois is their 
relationship to the means of production as a middle-layer between the 
capitalist class and the working-class. Both Trotsky and Lenin, a lawyer, 
belonged to the petty-bourgeoisie. I'm pleased that you have found this 
obscure quote from Lenin and am convinced that you didn't discover it in a 
moldy old pamphlet somewhere with a title like "Workers--Beware the 
Trotskyite Menace!". I'm sure that you have made a careful of Trotsky's 
writings, so I wonder what your opinion of the following works are:

1. Revolution Betrayed
2. Permanent Revolution
3. Struggle Against Fascism 

Shawgi Tell:

> This is basically business-as-usual imperialist pragmatism.  American 
> diplomacy is reckless.  My position stands: "Stalinism" is a term 
> invented by the bourgeoisie, and it is designed to get people to view 
> Stalin as utterly scandalous.

Louis: No, American diplomacy is not reckless at all. It is quite careful 
and deliberate. The bourgeoisie knows where its class interests lie. 
Unfortunately, the followers of Stalin and Stalin himself didn't defend 
workers interests with the same kind of alacrity. Browder declared that 
FDR was carrying out a revolutionary struggle against fascism and equated 
him with Jefferson and Lincoln. This is not Marxism. This really is 
vacillation and ideological incoherence. Stalin directed his followers in 
the Chinese Communist Party to accept the discipline of the Kuomingtang 
and many thousands were murdered carrying out his instructions. These 
instructions were not Marxist. They were best described as vacillating 
and ideologically incoherent.

Well, at any rate, if you enjoy arguing with Marxists who oppose Stalin, 
you've come to the right place. Keep in touch.

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