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Thu Dec 7 06:42:12 MST 1995

>I once played Billy Bragg's version of The People's Flag for an Intro to Soc
>class as a way of illustrating how music can serve to energize people and
>form a common experience, frame of reference. Such common experience is a
>potential source of common understanding and communication. Next time you're

>down on the shop floor, try telling the guys and gals how Coltrane's 
i>nnovations relate to their own experience of alienation and resistance.
>this can be done (they might enjoy it), it would be a lot easier to start

Since I've been thinking about fascism, on the shop floor I'm listening to
Dimitri Shostakovitch's String Quartet No. 8 in C Minor and the Seventh and
Eight Symphonies. And in the String Quartet when there is that knocking on
the door, it's not the militias on the other side.

Esa Davis

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