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Wed Dec 6 10:08:00 MST 1995


>An understanding of this is important. What position do we take? I 
>would in no way support the CPRF. It has no revolutionary program for 
>the emancipation of the working class.


While I would agree with Marcus that the CPRF does not present a complete
revolutionary program and still advances some half assed social democratic
program elements, you can only take Marcus' postition if you give not a damn
about the welfare of the Russian working classes. The CPRF is the only
viable counter to Yeltsin and privatization and resolving the current crisis
on the backs of the workers. Their program does call for socialism and does
*not* call for a return to the old days. And it is a direct repudiation of
some of the worst anti-communist myths. Their popularity is not pining for
the past but rejection of the Yeltsin, US imperialist, world bank propaganda
that all was bad in past with socialism and all is peachy now with
capitalism. These are people who know these questions first hand,
acknowledging that they have the experience with the situation on the ground
is *not* any kind of stalinism - it's just common sense.

I'm sure Marcus and I would disagree about the defeat of Walesa in Poland
also. I think the ex-red who won is probably a mess of social democratic
crap and neo-libralism and world bankism, but the defeat of Walesa was a
severe defeat for anti-communism and the catholic church who raised the
histeria of red-baiting to fever pitches not seen since mccarthy days.

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