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Mon Dec 4 20:29:28 MST 1995

In a letter distributed by the Council of Indian Nations (PO Box 1800,
Apache Junction, AZ 85217) on December 1, 1995, the following was revealed:

Among the 20 American Indian tribes on 40 reservations in the Southwest
area, the Navajo Nation is among those most in need of support. Just
consider the following:

Median family income is only $11,835, compared with $21,619 for other
American Indians and $35,225 for all of the USA.

The percent of people living below the poverty level on the Navajo
reservation is 56%, compared with 31% for other American Indians and only
13% for all of America.

Over half of the homes on the reservation are without plumbing and complete
kitchen facilities. Over half of all homes must rely on wood as the primary
heating fuel. In no other place in America would this be acceptable...but
in Navajo country it is the standard.

Over 77% of households don't have a telephone.

Of the total housing units on the reservation, nearly half have virtually
no means of disposing their sewage.

The death rate on Indian reservations of people age 45 and under is 3 times
higher than the national average. That's a phenomenal statistic. Just
think, you have a 300% higher chance of dying simply because you are

The letter continues, "You might wonder how American Indians could suffer
such poverty when Congress votes nearly $3 billion every year for the U.S.
government's obligations under treaties with various Indian tribes.....The
answer is quite simple. The present administration has clearly failed to
good on its responsibility to honor the federal government's special treaty
obligations to American Indians. It is widely known that many of the
"mandated" programs--such as health care, economic development and child
protection--have not been adequately funded in the past."

Please visit the CNI Telecom web site and email your representatives in
Congress and let them know of your concern regarding impoverished American

Thank you,

Mike Corso
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