Culture: Uniting ... (cont. 3)

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Mon Dec 4 20:21:11 MST 1995

                                            ...(Though I had sort of
flirted with vaguely "communist" ideas as a teenager, I was also deeply
anti-communist. (My father was ill during the 30s [TB] or he might
have joined the CP; he was always  more class conscious than I was.)
During the Korean War I joined the Air Force to keep from getting
shot at as a draftee--but I had no objections to the war (I was assigned
to the National Security Agency as a cryptnalyst--no qualms). I even
toyed with staying there as a civilian. As late as 1965,
when I began to edge into opposition to the Vietnam War, I
*contrasted* it as illegitimate to the Korean War as legitimate.aaaaate

    O.K.: so!--I can observe bourgeois "culture" from both inside and
outside; that position offers certain advantages as well as

    And observing it from outside and inside, I have serious questions
about Chris's earlier observation in response to Jeff Booth: "Glad too,
to be on the same side as Jeff on this one. How strange that culture
should provide such instant links across political differences." Beware!
Beware! Beware! "Culture" (with an implicit capital C) is not all that
easily disengaged from Arnoldian Culture (which was invented precisely
to condemn the marches of labor in London as well as the Paris Commune

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