[A-List] The Fierce Ideology of 'No Labels'

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Tue Dec 14 09:48:01 MST 2010


The Fierce Ideology of 'No Labels'

A cabal of centrist Democrats and lapsed Republicans are gathering in
New York today to launch "No Labels," a group that advocates ditching
partisan politics for supposedly common sense solutions. Cute! But
don't pretend that this isn't ideological.

The purpose of No Labels, according to the "Declaration" they ask you
to sign, is this: "Sign the No Labels Declaration and join your
neighbors who are asking their leaders to put the labels aside and do
what's best for America." In other words, if you believe in what
either party is saying, take your skin out of the game and let the
following people supposedly reasonable people decide "what's best for
America" for you:

Featured Speakers: Mayor Michael Bloomberg Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Congressman Bob Inglis Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Congressman Tom
Davis David Brooks Joe Scarborough Mika Brzezinski Senator Joe
Lieberman Senator Evan Bayh Senator Joe Manchin David Gergen Governor
Charlie Crist Lt Governor Abel Maldonado Congressman Michael Castle
Ellen Freidin

Pretty much everyone on this list of speakers at today's launch has a
label: wishy-washy centrist who wants the rubes to stop their
clamoring before it defeats them in an election (if it already hasn't
— Inglis, Crist, Castle) or takes power away from the entrenched
producers of conventional wisdom.

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