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Suzanne de Kuyper suzannedk at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 13:25:09 MST 2010

Charles sent her out again but it again did not register except as
unavailable.. Can my note to him as sender be printed please? suzanne

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Subject: Cordelia
From: Suzanne de Kuyper <suzannedk at gmail.com>
To: Charles Brown <cdb1003 at prodigy.net>
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Dear Charles;

Thank you for sending again, but was unable to bring it up..the site said it
was unavailable for the 2nd time.

Since you know what you are doing e-mailing, maybe you can put Cordelia in a
short video and print out a story from her life for us?  So we can really
meet her?

>From tintypes etc I have seen, she sounds as though when she was young, she
wore high handmade lace collars that rested under her ears, under
highbuttoned shirtwaists and wore gloves when she went shopping and her
smile was sweet.

Cordelia is the name of a cherished lady.

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