[A-List] Serbia: 160,000 At Risk From NATO Cluster Bombs

Tony B. tal1 at cogeco.ca
Sat Mar 21 11:57:30 MDT 2009

...as you can see from all the anti-Nato posts (really, just a tiny slice of 
the daily forwardings from 'stopnato') the portrait is one of rapidly 
expanding influence and domain; the tentacles of empire...


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Deutsche Presse-Agentur
March 21, 2009

Thousands in Serbia "still in danger from NATO cluster bombs"

Belgrade - Civilians in Serbia are still in danger from thousands of 
unexploded cluster bombs almost a decade after NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, 
local media reported Saturday.

A study by Norwegian People's Aid said that some 2,500 unexploded pieces of 
cluster ordnance were scattered across 15 municipalities, mainly in southern 
Serbia near the border with Kosovo, and the second largest city of Nis.

Around 160,000 civilians were at risk and it would take between 12 and 23 
years to clear the areas if the current rate of clearance continued, the 
study said.

Serbia needs around 38 million dollars to dig out and defuse unexploded 
cluster bombs - canisters that open in flight and eject dozens of bomblets, 
some of which can lay unexploded for years.

NATO planes scattered some 37,000 cluster bombs over Yugoslavia, killing 31 
people and injuring 160, during its 78 days of attacks to end Serbia's 
crackdown of Albanian insurgents in Kosovo.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in February 2008 and was recognized 
by more than 50 countries including the United States and most of the 
European Union.

Last year, 93 countries signed an international treaty on banning the 
cluster bombs. However, major producers and users such as the United States, 
Russia and China have not signed the treaty.

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