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That's James Agee, not Philp (the latter wrote the CIA exposé), Co-authored with Walker Evans (who provided the photos).
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  How excellent this is.  There is a set of twelve books detailing the living of the mountain poor in Apalaichia, written many years before a highway, any highway, bisected those mountains, the name escaping me and then "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" a study ordered by Roosevelt of the families living in the Appalachian Mountains at the time of the Great Depression, using one of our best authors and best photographers as young ambitious curious experts who lived with families, worked, slept and ate with them.  The book is amazing.  Phillip Agee wrote it from his notes.  
  Has Japan made similar detailed studies of the building  the growing, the curing (like of food, leather) the hand making of things that people lived with and by from those times?  

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