[A-List] Afghanistan: US, NATO Plan Intensified 'Vietnamization'Program

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Nov 28 09:15:49 MST 2008

Sean Fischer wrote:

> To be clear another individual renamed and skewed the article: Afghanistan: US, NATO Plan Intensified 'Vietnamization' Program.  So we are on the same page, the original post is actually titled: "Allied strategy to focus on Afghan tribal power base." , By Jon Boone in Kabul.
> Paul and Carrol I appreciate your comments and time in reply, yet I never asked about "Preemptive War." Instead I asked about "Implied Preemption."

I guess there is a problem of clarity here. I looked through the
poriginal article and found no references to "preemption," implied or
otherwise. So before I could answer further I would have to know what
connection you see between that 'doctrine' and the war in Afghanistan or
the strategies being used their by the U.S. & European aggressors.


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