[A-List] Afghanistan: US, NATO Plan Intensified 'Vietnamization' Program

Sean Fischer seanfischer at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 26 22:07:04 MST 2008

I have a question for list, or any members that can answer this for me.  Do or don't peace activists believe in or ever support the use of Implied Preemtition?

Sean Fischer  

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>Financial Times
>November 25, 2008
>Allied strategy to focus on Afghan tribal power base
>By Jon Boone in Kabul
>Nato forces, the UN and the Afghan government are to
>implement a new strategy that targets the 50 Afghan
>districts thought most likely to slip into Taliban
>The strategy, dubbed the "integrated approach",
>involves military support, economic aid and an attempt
>to buy the support of local power brokers to stabilise
>the situation.
>It reflects a sea change in the thinking of US
>commanders, who just last year ruled out plans to tap
>traditional tribal power structures to boost local
>The Afghan government has already developed a scheme
>with international support called the Afghan Social
>Outreach Programme (Asop) which has been piloted in
>Maidan Wardak, a province south of Kabul that fell
>into Taliban hands this summer.
>Local chiefs were identified and given a $200 (160
>euros, 130 pounds) monthly stipend with few
>responsibilities other than to form a local council,
>or shura, and to pass intelligence to the government
>about the Taliban.
>Barna Karimi, deputy head of the Independent
>Directorate of Local Governance, the wing of the
>Afghan government that devised the plan, said the aim
>was to "revive the traditional relationship between
>village communities and the government".
>"We do that by creating councils representing the
>villages, the tribes and the religious community. They
>will monitor the work of the district government and
>stop insurgents using their houses and properties as
>shelter," he said.
>In return the government will sign memorandums of
>understanding, promising to fight corruption and get
>rid of dishonest local officials.
>Although it is unclear if communities will stand up to
>Taliban tactics...the programme is due to be rolled
>out across the country.
>The British in Helmand province agreed to back the
>programme and other countries, including the Canadians
>in Kandahar, are considering the plan.
>But critics question its achievements in Wardak, where
>it is now too dangerous for aid agencies and the UN to
>In Wardak, eligible local elders were identified by a
>think-tank run by one of the president's brothers.
>Matt Waldman, Oxfam's head of policy for Afghanistan,
>questioned the programme's impact and sustainability.
>"Given the fragile security situation, if mishandled
>it has the potential to be counter-productive." he
>A similar plan was floated by the UK last year calling
>for the re-establishment of arbikai, or traditional
>tribal defence forces. It was rejected by the then US
>commander of Nato forces, who said it was unworkable
>outside a handful of provinces where tribes were strong.
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