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Date  30 January,  2006 

S.U.C.I. condemns the visit of Bush to india


The Reporter-in-Chief / News Editor



Strongly condemning the visit of warmonger US-president George Bush  to India, Sri Nihar Mukherjee, General Secretary, SUCI in course of a statement issued today, said that this has  stunned the people of the whole country as throughout the world all the right thinking people are up in arms against George Bush's criminal occupation of Iraq, his threatening postures against Iran, North Korea and Cuba and are in unequivocal terms demanding immediate withdrawal of all US forces from Iraq and his trial as a war criminal. Pointing out the abysmal low which the Congress led UPA Government had sunk into in the interest of country's ruling monopolists to align with US imperialists as junior partner of world imperialism,  Sri Mukherjee also noted that conscientious, freedom loving people of the country are wondering as to how could a Government, whose existence depends on the support of CPI(M), CPI, pretending to be so opposed to the visit outwardly, afford to extend such an open invitation to George Bush, the most condemned man of the time unless it was sure of their tacit support, . 

Sri Mukherjee called upon the people of the whole country to come out to firmly oppose George Bush's  India visit so as to force the Government of India to withdraw this invitation.  

 Sri Nihar Mukherjee once again urged the leadership of CPI(M), CPI to give up the policy of double dealing and desist from hoodwinking the people. Instead let them prove their bonafide by issuing an ultimatum to the UPA Government that if it does not take back the invitation forthwith, their support to the Government would stand withdrawn.  

News by

(Asit Bhattacharyya )

Office Secretary

Central Committee, SUCI

Socialist Unity Centre of India CENTRAL  Committee 48 Lenin Sarani, KOLKAta 700013

PHONE : 22441828, 22442234    FAX : 22465114   E- mail : suci_cc at vsnl.net


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