[A-List] My note again: Nongovernmental etc.

Sabri Oncu soncu at pacbell.net
Tue Jan 24 00:02:23 MST 2006


> I'll say no more, but simply pledge not to use the 
> word fascist loosely any more.

Dear Patrick,

I am so glad to see that you have not given up this debate, either. As long
as accusations you or anyone else make are qualified, they are perfectly
alright with this list, and I speak in the name of other moderators as well,
since I know that they agree with me too.

It is okay to be white wherever you are, be that South Africa, Canada, the
US and the like, and although I might not be as white as you are, at least I
am no less white than Louis Proyect, for example, since I now know him in
the flesh too. And I do not think this would make me any better or worse
than who I am.

Also, let me make another point. This was what you said in your first post:

> On the other hand, there's a material reality to this 
> awful new psychology, which reflects the rise of Chinese 
> fascist-capitalism, in league with the most venal African 
> regimes, in Sudan, Angola, Zimbabwe and the like.

Not this:

> First, if when I wrote about 'fascist capitalists' (referring 
> to Chinese arms dealers providing weaponry to Robert Mugabe ...

I see nothing wrong with accusing the above mentioned Chinese arms dealers
providing weaponry to Robert Mugabe as 'fascist capitalists,' again,
provided that this can be qualified, since the agents of this "fascism" are
not Chinese at large, a few billion people residing in China and living
abroad, including Henry. It has never been the Japanese, Chinese, Germans,
Turks and the like who committed this or that "crime." There have always
been some particular agents who committed such crimes, once they are defined
in some way, hopefully not necessarily always in the Western way, I say.

In any event, I am glad that both Henry and you are still engaged in this
debate and I would like to remind again:

"Let a thousand flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend!"

Where I agree with Henry, and I am sure you would agree with as well, is

> Let a hundred flowers bloom requires that the ideas 
> be flowers, not poisonous weeds. 

And I know that both Henry and you are capable of avoid such poisonous

To further what I said before:

Let the games continue.



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