[A-List] Nongovernmental organizations with financing from the West

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 23 18:44:56 MST 2006

Don't forget all the NGOs in Africa and the civil society movement.
In a continent ravished by two centuries of Western imperialism and 
colonialism, exploiting tribal difference as a weapon of divide and 
rule. After been kicked out after WWII, the imperialists left 
"independent nations" with borders that reflected intra-imperialist 
rivalry with hostile ethnic group.  There they stared "nation building" 
to create functioning states that is safe for democracy, meaning ripe 
for neo-imperialism.  A few strongmen who refused to go along were 
immediately label ruthless dictators and opposed by NGOs funded by 
imperialist foundations.

For information on the Center for Civil Society, go to:

Henry C.K. Liu

PS: I was shocked to see the Bond is white, all this time I had the 
wrong impression that he was black. For a white South African to talk 
about Chinese brutality in Africa is truly amazing.

Sabri Oncu wrote:

>>From Rick Rozoff by way of Tony:
>>Non-governmental organizations with financing 
>>from other countries are thought to have played 
>>a major role in the "revolutions" that have swept 
>>former Soviet states in recent years, prompting 
>>some Russian politicians to raise concerns that 
>>similar activity was being carried out in Russia.
>I think this is another important topic to discuss. There are many such NGOs
>in Turkiye too and some of the rumors I hear is that one of the private
>universities, namely, the so-called Bilgi Universitesi (Knowledge
>University), is closely associated with the Soros Fund. As is everywhere, we
>have conspiracy theorists back home too, but this does not mean that
>conspiracies do not exist. As a joke goes, I may be paranoid but this does
>not mean that they do not follow me.
>What I do not like about this Bilgi Universitesi is that they even have a
>"Cultural Studies" program, with a prominent "intellectual" serving as a
>professor there: Murat Belge. 
>Some of his statements about the "ordinary people" of his country, published
>in a newspaper called Radikal (a name that must be the result of some
>marketing study by some media Mongul's marketing team to attract former
>leftists who turned liberals) boarders with outright
>reverse-racism/reverse-Orientalism and because of my mentioning of that,
>among other things such as my opposition to Turkey's joining EU, led me to
>get expelled from one of the lists with very close ties to this wonderful
>"intellectual," Belge, a while ago. 
>I challenged them by claiming that they had to throw me out since I was not
>leaving myself. They called themselves "libertarian leftists," whatever that
>means, and an interesting debate broke out about whether they should kick me
>out or not. 
>Eventually I left myself, after getting bored with the game I was playing.
>In any event, what the heck are these west financed NGOs are doing in
>countries such as Russia, Ukraine, my country Turkiye and the like do you

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