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Anadolu News Agency (Turkey)
January 11, 2006

Chavez Warns of American Conspiracy in Bolivia

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez warned the US may be
attempting to overturn Evo Morales who was chosen to
the state presidency in Bolivia.

In his speech at Fort Tiuna military base at Karakas,
Chavez said: “I am sure that the US ambassador in
Bolivia has initiated a plot against Morales. I am
also sure that American military personnel have met
with leaders who want a local coup.”

Hugo Chavez said the Venezuelan government will stand
against any attempts by the Washington administration
to overturn Morales; however he did not give any

Morales, the first locally elected president of
Bolivia and supported by Chavez in economic and
political terms, is in South Africa in the frame of
his world tour that will include countries from Europe
to China.

Meanwhile, Chavez said if the US does not fulfill the
contract between Venezuela and the US regarding F-16
war planes, he may approach Russia or China.

Chavez, who accuses the Washington of trying to
prevent them from purchasing war planes (produced in
Brazil with American technology), stated they will
wait to see how Brazil solves the problem, otherwise
they will look to China.

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