[A-List] Sharon suffers stroke, poets bow in deference

bar at idirect.com bar at idirect.com
Sat Jan 7 13:04:50 MST 2006

Here in Canada the glorification of Sharon was also sickening. All the
media talked about his war wounds, his sacrifice etc etc ad neaseum. Only
one mention of "allegations" that he was "indirectly" involved in the
Beirut massacres appeared in an interview on CBC radio. But is this so
strange when our media never mention Canada's role in overthrowing
democracy in Haiti, overthrowing the majority Hutu regime in Rwanda in 94,
their war of agression carried out against the last socialist state in
Europe, Yugoslavia, their role in the wars in Congo, their secret
assistance to the US war on Iraq, their occupation of Afghanistan, their
kidnapping and torture of "terror suspects" and I can go on.


> Am I the only one disgusted by the deference being accorded to this
> despicable criminal?

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