[A-List] Re:Why Revaluaion of RMB Won't help US

Sabri Oncu soncu at pacbell.net
Sat Feb 25 04:12:34 MST 2006

"The Usian Empire will die much faster, that is, in  less than 300 years"..
Well as that old economic wizard, JM Keynes said in his General  Theory: it
is not worth it to think in terms of large scale time units,  "because in
the long run we are all dead"!! So I'd rather speed it up a little bit.

Myself again:

Dear Cristobal,

Unfortunately this comment will not do, since it does not give me any
information about whether you accepted my bet or not. 

As you may know, years passed, as measured with respect to a possibly
arbitrarily selected time origin, are positive integers. And as is well
known, all positive integers between 1 and 299, inclusive, are less than
300. As is also well known, human beings do not live 300 years. 

So, mine was a sure bet: I am guaranteed to make a non-negative (zero or
positive) amount of money with this bet. Looked at from your side, however,
you are guaranteed to lose a non-negative (zero or positive) amount of
money, if you bet againts me: 

So, your "rational" reply to me should have been, no I will not bet against

Let me repeat my question: do you want to bet against me or not?



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