[A-List] David Barsamian interview with Arundhati Roy

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Sun Oct 31 16:30:31 MST 2004

>So as I said in my talk at the American Sociological Association in San 
Francisco, this whole fierce debate about the Democrats and the Republicans and 
whether Bush or Kerry is better is like being asked to choose a detergent. 
Whether you choose Tide or Ivory Snow, they’re both owned by Procter & Gamble.<

Full: http://www.isreview.org/issues/38/Arundhati_roy.shtml


The point I think is that "Tide" is used for a somewhat different purpose 
than "Ivory Soap." Both are used for cleaning and washing but for my jeans and 
the "hard really soiled clothes," I would opt for Tide over Ivory everyday of 
the year and then add a splash of ammonia. 

Sounds a tad bit to commercial to me and yes, I need to be paid for this 

Yep . . . no doubt about it, this Presidential election is difficult, as was 
the last one and the one before that and the one before that and the ones 
before that one. The Carter/Reagan Presidential election was tough. 

If I were doing daily work in the electoral sphere for the past couple of 
years and particularly the last 18 months, it would probably be amongst people 
with a Democratic Party bent but not exclusively. There are a lot of young 
workers that vote Republican among those who vote. In the last 10 years the most 
activist amongst the younger workers were tied to the military establishment as 
employer one way or another. In the industrial system the military is a 
significant employer as opposed to simply a recruiter for the defense of whoever 
happens to say ones honor is being challenged. 

I believe my wife is going to vote for Kerry and we are in Texas, where 
anything that undermines the Bush Regime has implications different from that of 
Chicago. A "screw Bush sentiment" in Texas has no institutional support outside 
the Democratic Party establishment and various left wing circles in the major 
cities. The fight back and conflict in American society actually comes from 
the most poverty stricken sections of the proletariat who tend not to vote. 

In a very real and bureaucratic manner these expression find voice and policy 
on specific social issues in the country and world wide. This is not abstract 
but a nationwide debate on foreign policy and domestic policy, and the 
bourgeoisie is still somewhat successful in claiming that governments primary 
responsibility is not the economic and social well; being and sovereign right 
guarantees to the individual, no matter what their personal circumstance. 

Government is the employer of last resort and the provider of first resort. 
The criticism of the Bush Regime from left to right involving those concerned 
about "the role of government," is that he enlarged government, deficit 
spending and government employment and his group of zealots (pronounced Z-Lots), are 
on a mission that leads straight to hell. 

There is no way I am going to talk about Bush policy, which is a direct 
continuation of Clinton's foreign and economic policy, with a Z-lot twist, or as it 
is perceived outside the American Union, a "go at it alone" policy. Bush 
concentrated the weight of America on one point militarily Iraq. Clinton's policy 
was much broader and always had at the fore front Koreans killing Koreans and 
Blacks containing Blacks and Woodrow Wilson's policy of self determination for 
everyone that must gravitate towards the most advance industrial economic 
centers of planet earth. 

2 days for me and its off to the polls.

Lenin for president. 

Melvin P. 

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