[A-List] Moderator's note

Michael Keaney michael.keaney at mbs.fi
Wed Oct 27 22:49:53 MDT 2004

Rick Rozoff wrote:

This is outrageous. "Strong pro-Russian orientation?"
On my own lists, for anyone on this one concerned
about the truth, I have personally never referred to
Vladimir Putin as anything other than a reactionary,
autocrat and traitor. That I have the temerity to
document the military encirclement of Russia, from the
Baltic to Black to Caspian Seas, is, I suppose, what
this inane comment alludes to.
There are several thousand postings on Stop NATO,
Balkan Anti-NATO Center and other archives to
substantiate this.
I will not have an imaginary sterotype of myself,
inaccurate in every particular, pilloried on this list
- at least not while I'm not allowed to unsubscribe,
as I've requested numerous times, yesterday to Keaney
Shame on MK and LP alike.


I can live with whatever shame Rick thinks I deserve, just as easily as I
can live without the melodramatics that have accompanied Rick's otherwise
very useful posts ever since he was subbed to the A-list. Additionally,
someone with as much experience of lists as Rick claims should not find it
difficult to unsub from one, especially one hosted by Hans Ehrbar. Meanwhile
it ought to be crystal clear that I agree with Rick's analysis of
encirclement, "inane" comments notwithstanding.

It's a pity if my efforts at even-handedness should so offend the
self-righteous, but there are larger issues at stake here. With regret I
have unsubbed Rick, at his own repeated request, but should anyone remain in
contact with him feel free to let him know that he is welcome to return.
Were it up to me he would still be here.


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