[A-List] Jack Straw: Beslan hostage-takers and Nazism are alike

Richard Menec menecraj at shaw.ca
Tue Oct 26 13:38:34 MDT 2004

Lou Proyect wrote:
> What's the matter? Don't have the stomach to engage with views that you
> don't already agree with?

You've started one, and you're attempting a second -- just how many flame
wars is one allowed to get involved in, or to start ?

Lou Proyect again:
>Frankly, I
> have no idea what your politics are since mostly you seem about
> crossposting items from the bourgeois press without any commentary.
> Thank goodness you don't do it here.

Frankly, I'm tired of people who feel they have to preface every news item
they send out with their "analysis", especially when we know where they are
coming from already.  Rick Rozoff has given us long hours of his time to
research various news items on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the
situation in eastern Europe.  I appreciate what he has done, as many others
have, and look forward to further contributions from him.  I would be sorry
to see him leave the list.

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