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Kevin Donnelly kevin at kevdon.demon.co.uk
Mon Feb 24 04:35:01 MST 2003

In message <3E5903C4.7040901 at mindspring.com>, Henry C.K. Liu
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>This is a very timely piece.
>From: Greg King <KnGregk at AOL.COM>
>Subject: Engels's Ideas on the Aftermath of Regime-Change
(Snipped for brevity)
>And the "reform" program toward market socialism has gone on for 20
>years.  Time for a Jefersonian revolution.
>Henry C.K. Liu:
Excellent analysis and an uplift to our local Jubilee campaigners.
Similar Jeffersonian sentiments occurred to me when concluding a review
of David Boyle's splendid The Money Changers published by Earthscan.
The review should appear in the UK Social Crediter news letter in a few
weeks time.

"Two concerns remain after enjoying David Boyle's anthology.  I'd like
to have seen more about Third World debt, and about the dangers of
PFI/PPP projects, alluded to but not featured in the book.  The other is
that not a single major contemporary politician seems to have anything
to say on these issues.  It's time for the John Ball preachers to

Jefferson is quoted to good purpose in David Boyle's book.  Also, to my
surprise, Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz is included, described as "a
subtle tract for more money", with the Wizard himself (the gold
standard) exposed as a fraud.  As they say, I never knew that, but the
evidence is convincing, even though contemporary Oz websites are for the
most part silent.

I hope and pray that Michael's Superimperialism gets a lot of publicity
and good reviews.  Likewise Stephen's Lost Science.  My next email is to
circulate Greg King's piece.....

What a great morning we're having.


Kevin Donnelly

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