[A-List] Did the U.S. Torch the Kuwait Oil Wells (More)?

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I would say that in the times we currently live, who and/or where we get our
news and available information becomes of paramount importance.

There are no leftists, virtually or otherwise, who give any verbal credit to
the bourgeois media. However, there is a difference in approach to be taken,
now that the internet is upon us.

One school of radicals will tell you that we ought to be very careful what
we believe these days, because the internet has greatly increased the amount
of garbage and nonsense or black propaganda floating about and it becomes
all the more dangerous because our appetite for real news or "counter" news,
given the dominance of such few hands controlling the bourgeois media.
However, another school of thought puts it entirely oppositely. This school
points this crack allows in cetain things that would not otherwise get
through, there is virutally no way that the "incubator babies" story could
be floated in the fashion it was, with no criticism. We saw Rambouillet
almost immediately, we find out that Hans Blix has complained about how his
reports are being framed in the US. Just more ammunition that stories would
"get out"? However, these kinds of things don't happen on even Le Monde
Diplomatique when it comes to American casualties. But they do appear, in
"inauthenticated" form. We will see Ummanews state all forms of reports. WE
also see interviews like the one Jay put up on the link.

The reason that both tendencies express is roughly the same: They don't
control the dissemination of this news. This kind of unverifiable news
remains unverifiable until it becomes owned.

In short, some tend to be open to everything precisely because they don't
trust anything the ruling class states, and have no need to dispel something
else because the rulers have stated so. On the other hand, with no measuring
stick, there is no measurement. What are we left with? On certain areas,
assertions of what we have chosen to go with, for the time being, due to our
own estimations based on what we believe constitutes evidence.

>From Sid Shniad on RG:

(quoting Sid)
Listen to the second part of National Public Radio's program This American
Life, "Act Two", Episode 232, 2/14. The whole program is very interesting,
but the section on Israeli history, which starts at about 27:00, is
There is a long first hand story by an American combatant speaking of real
casualties he never believed "didn't happen" as his superiors stated.

Solidarity, and hey!
Lighten up one and all...


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