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>Just in the contrarian spirit of 'Wilderness of Mirrors' thinking, I'd like 
to propose that this embarrassment was perhaps done *deliberately* by Downing 
Street--my reasoning being on the basis that Blair's underlying strategy 
since 9/11 has been about *stopping* crazed Bushite adventures, beginning 
with Bush's plan to nuke Afghanistan.  . . .

But what do I know.


Actually you know a lot. 

Bush Presidency is the results of an authentic Constitutional crisis in 
America. Constitutional crisis tend to express profound shifts in the leading 
sector of the total social capital as it is manifest and seeks to gain a 
clear political dominance. These sharp political struggles also express the 
decay of capital or a social grouping whose interest have become antagonistic 
to the forward movement of the material power of productive forces. 

Then there are very real differences between the Republicans and Democrats, 
but they are sectarian differences and not class antagonism. These sectarian 
differences create the "space" to educate our class in class politics. A 
section of America's warrior "class" or the military - including the 
bureaucracy and the fighting forces, are undergoing polarization. The role of 
a great power - an imperial authority, is slowly being debated in a new way. 

Enormous political fissures have opened up in the body politic. War with Iraq 
is not a given, although the further evolution of the political 
superstructure throughout what most in America call the Middle East is 
inevitable and urgent. The dominant sector of capital in all imperial 
countries and the world grid cannot flow freely and faces certain "national" 
barriers in the Middle East and mother Africa. 

I most certainly agree that - as stated by Anne by way of a commentary, that 
the Saudis are what the American political establishment has its eye on, 
because this is based in modern political history. This goes back to the 
Nixon years and the demand by Japan to convert US dollars into gold and 
Nixon's response: dismantle Bretton Wood and the gold standard, enter into 
agreements to use US dollars as the medium for oil purchase (the creation of 
the petrol-dollar) - a deal struck with the Saudis primarily as a first, and 
through this relationship funnel US currency back into America as payment for 
the means for infrastructure development.  Hence the strengthening of the 
Laden Financial Group, etc. etc. This was during the era of the rise of Bush 
Sr. to head of the CIA and the later blocking of Soviet power in Afghanistan. 

Hey, what do I know - my investments stink. 

A politically significant section of capital opposes war in the Middle East 
on the basis of the Bush Jr. agenda. These same people do not have 
disagreement about "modernizing" the political superstructures of the Middle 
East. The world wide anti-war movement expresses this political reality.  

Shift . . . .

Roughly, 10 days - January 27, 2003, ago the "water war" was inaugurated in 
America in the form of one of the first modern protest for free water. This 
protest was the feeble voice of the new communist class. 

The man who fights against another man desiring the lion share of the spoils 
is not necessarily the friend of the man fighting against "spoils."  The 
enemy of my enemy is not my necessarily friend.

I hope I was successful in making this quick reply read like a movie where 
all the primary concepts are immediately assimilated. 

Melvin P. 

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