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Tahir Wood twood at uwc.ac.za
Thu Nov 30 00:33:33 MST 2000

>>> cbcox at ilstu.edu 11/29 11:18 PM >>>
So the first step in doing anything about the ecological crises is
bringing a large contingent of that activist core to see that they
must (while maintaining their activities in that area) give their
primary attention to the creation of a mass left and working-
class movement. Then the real battle over ecology must be
fought out within that movement.

Most of the posts on this list are uninteresting because they only
repeat endlessly what anyone who is on this list already accepts.

I must say that this is where I tend to agree with Carrol. I think though that some of the empirical data that Mark and others present (or used to present) is very worthwhile and helpful in understanding the various dimensions of the crisis. As someone who is not very knowledgeable about the environmental sciences in general, I have benefited a lot.

But the absence of politics here really mystifies me. I know this list is a motley crew, with a few commies here and there (ranging from Stalinists to anarchists), a few crypto-Darwinian survivalists, and not a few happy clappy green-friendly liberals. But heck, after a while one does have to ask, if the outcome is not to be a revolutioanry movement that can challenge the status quo, then what is the real point? Personally I lost the plot a while back. But then again Carrol, why don't you get a bit more specific about the left project yourself? (And please without quoting chapter and verse). Is it just more Leninism? Democracy, National Self-determination and working class family values?


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